Commercial Lending

Premium Finance

We offer financing solutions that allow you to retain your investments and continue to grow your personal estate and business interest.

We understand that in order to grow successfully–especially during uncertain economic times–you need a financial partner that understands your objectives and has the solutions to help you achieve them.

We will work with you to design a financing program for your insurance-based risk management and funding solutions. Whether you need insurance for estate planning, retirement planning, special needs liquidity, or business planning and long-term insurance asset accumulation, our flexible premium finance lending platform provides you with customized financing through our fully collateralized credit facilities.

Premium Finance Loans

We have significant expertise and the capital resources needed to respond to diverse financing situations. We offer floating rate credit facilities for estate planning and middle-market companies. Our typical insurance asset-based loan is between $500,000 and $50 million.

Customized Solutions

We address our clients’ unique financial needs with financial products, including:

  • Floating rates, caps, collars, and fixed rate options
  • Off-the-shelf terms that are generally an exception from other financing providers

Typical Financing Standards

  • Carrier-approved, we are able to provide up to 100% advance rate on cash surrender values
  • We typically close transactions in two weeks from execution of a term sheet